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Stained glass scented candles set of 20

Stained glass scented candles set of 20

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With 5 different scents, this scented candle gift set includes 5 different goji berries and blood oranges/French roses/lavender/vanilla/sea. Long-lasting glass scented candle: size: 2” diameter x 2.5” height. Each scented candle is made of 3.0 oz glass and protects the candle from burning for up to 20 hours, so the whole set burns for a total of 120 hours. Smokeless soy wax and essential oils: these candles are made from environmentally friendly soy wax that is biodegradable in nature. 95% soy wax, 5% essential oil. Party decor: A beautifully designed sticker on a candle makes it a highlight of the decor. Perfect for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, parties or centerpieces. Strong packaging: the glass containers are thick and strong, and the candles are a beautiful white/cream color

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